Jimmy Koyan FBProfile– Founder/ Data Engineer

   Back in 1997 during third year in Engineering I was formally introduced to programming on a 8086 Processor using Assembly instructions, followed by writing sorting algorithms using FORTRAN-77 , neither experiences convinced me to become a programmer. That summer my Dad enrolled me to take the All India level Entrance Examination to pursue the Advanced Computing Postgraduate course from one of India’s premier institute in Computing ( Credited for assembling India’s First Supercomputer – PARAM). I was forced into programming because of my Dad.  17 years later I am glad he did.

     Since graduating from CDAC I’ve had the Opportunity to design, program and test various systems in the Retail domain. I enjoyed every bit of it. Things got interesting a few years ago when I started taking MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses) and learning about the prevalent use of Machine Learning Algorithms to build statistical models to predict future outcomes. I was hooked onto it.

     These days I am either developing statistical predictive analytical models using Naive Bayes, Decision Trees, Support Vector Machines and Regression analysis or setting up a Hadoop Cluster to be used as a Enterprise Data Hub.

“You don’t choose your passions,  your passions choose you.”     — Jeff Bezos